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Remove Download from Consumer Role

Question asked by markrwells on Dec 5, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 17, 2017 by benabdessamed
I have tried a few different things listed in the Forums and on other sites, however, these instructions are for version 3.x or 4.x.  Version 5.x has made a number a changes that make these methods not longer valid. 

SO.. all I am trying to do is remove the Download permission from the Consumer Role.  I cannot find the xml file that contains the actually permissions assigned to roles so that I can disable downloads.  I have gone through and added a "CanDownload" permission per other instructions however, they don't apply to 5.0b since the folder structure has changed and this is not working.

SO.. any guidance on where I make these changes would be greatly helpful.  Also it would be nice if Alfresco had a default role that had just preview privileges.