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Avoid storing files on default contentstore when using an alternate contentstore

Question asked by fmstasi on Dec 9, 2014
Latest reply on Dec 10, 2014 by fmstasi
I am using Alfresco Enterprise 4.2.2, and I have an issue with Content Store Selector. I asked the question to support, and they told me they have no issue with crossposting to the forums, so I am doing it now; to my advantage I may get faster response time, and to public advantage we may get a new issue documented on the Web.

My question is the following. I have to create an Alfresco share site for video files in our production environment, and it needs to use a dedicated storage.

On the test system, I configured a double content store following the instructions at; then, when I create a document in a site using the second content store, the content is MOVED there, but an orphaned copy remains on the primary store. This is problem in my configuration, since the primary contentstore is currently using 120 GB out of a 150 GB available, and the one dedicated to videos would be 300 GB. Video files can range up to 8 GB or more, so there is a risk that a few of them would fill up the primary content store, and I cannot rely on contentStoreCleaner to purge the orphaned content even in the same night after it is created.

My only idea so far is to invert the stores, making the video store the primary one, but this is far from ideal: on current the primary store file creations, modifications and deletions are very frequent, so that there would be an unnecessary duplication of disk usage.

Does anybody know a way of creating content directly on an alternate content store?