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How to hide Assistance Panel for all non-admin users

Question asked by sara.gangale on Dec 9, 2014
Latest reply on Dec 15, 2014 by sara.gangale
Hi everyone,
I'm trying to limit permission for all non-admin users. So far I managed to prevent non-admin users from creating new sites, the link is still there but when the user fills in the form and clicks OK he receives a permission denied message.
I'd like to go further and automatically hide all the assistance panel for all users, old and newly created, in order not to show them something they'll surely click and ask me "why doesn't it work?" :)

I think (but I can be wrong" that I have to work on presets.xml file, I read somewhere that I have to get rid of all instances of "dynamic-welcome" urls, I tried but nothing changes. I simply edited the file, commenting out all the components regarding dynamic-welcome, I saved the file and restarted Tomcat.

What am I doing wwong? Can someone put me in the right direction?