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Override tagscope-tags.get.json.ftl in Alfresco 5.0.x

Question asked by eswbitto on Dec 11, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 13, 2015 by talleyrand
Hello Everyone,

I'm trying to find a way to change the behavior in this file. I know that in 5.0.x the alfresco guys have made it harder to actually modify the core files. Normally I would just change this file and be done with it, but I'm trying to go the intended route and change this file in the /tomcat/shared/classes/extension section where it should be in the first place.

So my issue is that I have a requirement to have tags be sorted by name. Normally I would just make the change in the ftl file, but I'm not sure how to go about creating a file that will do this for me.

Is it an xml file that I make….or another ftl? I would appreciate it if someone could point me in the right direction.

Just so everyone knows what I'm doing, here is the code I want to use.

<#if (noscopefound?? && noscopefound)>
   "tags" : []
      "tags" : [
         <#import "tagging.lib.ftl" as taggingLib/>
         <#list tags?sort_by("name") as item>
            <@taggingLib.tagJSON item=item />
            <#if item_has_next>,</#if>