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LDAP's 'admin' username replaces alfresco's admin

Question asked by billydekid on Dec 17, 2014
Hi All,

After successful integrations and syncs with LDAP, I found that there's already "admin" username on LDAP site which "replaces" Alfresco "admin" account.
Some of data were no changes and some copied from LDAP.

Problem is continue :(
After one-two restarting the Alfresco, the username admin can not access the system.
Before restarting, it seems the authentication (password) was authenticated from local-alfresco db, then after restarting the authentication changes to LDAP. It was just my guest for now.

Anyone know how to and workaround for this issue?
Since all of sites created by admin are hard (long wait) to access, site membership are empty (no site admin), etc.
If I checked on PostgreSQL DB, this user admin was still on DB.

Kindly please help…

Many thanks before.