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Default Alfresco Properties are not shown | field-visibility ??

Question asked by mario.fliegner on Dec 17, 2014
Latest reply on Dec 30, 2014 by irenailievska
Hi folks,

we encounter a strange issue where you might be able to assist - hopefully :-)
If we apply one of our aspects to a document of any custom content-type (but that is derived from cm:content), all Alfresco properties (Name, Title, Description,…) and all other aspects that might be already applied (ie. Versionable) are not be shown anymore either in the "Edit Properties" dialog nor in the properties section on the right besides the document preview. The only thing that is visible is: Our aspect! ??? In addition what we noticed: If we click "Edit Properties" the title of the form ("Edit Properties: myDocument.pdf") is also empty.

If we do not change the content type of the document before (so it is still cm:content) everything works fine, meaning all properties are displayed after we've applied our aspect.

We figured out already the following: The issue must be related to the section <strong>field-visibility</strong> in the form definition of our aspect in the share-config-custom.xml that is:

   <config evaluator="aspect" condition="connexas:ourAspect">
               <show id="connexas:id" />
               <show id="connexas:aid" />
               <set id="archsep" appearance="bordered-panel" label-id="connexas.aspect.header" />
               <field id="connexas:id" set="archsep"  label-id="" read-only="true"/>
               <field id="connexas:aid" set="archsep" label-id="connexas.aid" />

If we remove the <strong>field-visibility</strong> section completely, then everything works fine even with custom content-types (all properties are shown in the UI)! If we leave the section so that nothing else is shown and add the <strong>field-visibility</strong> with some properties to the form definition of any of the missing aspects (like Versioning), then, this property will also be displayed from now!

For me it looks like if the <strong>field-visibility</strong> is present at least once, then all other properties in all other definitions of any other form has to be also equipped with the <strong>field-visibility</strong> tag, otherwise they are not available in the UI anymore.
Is this a known issue? What is your experience with it? Maybe it's a missunderstanding on my side?
We've repoduced the issue in an Alfresco Enterprise 4.2 and 4.2.3. Maybe this is a bug in Alfresco?

For completion, here is a definition of a custom content-type derived from cm:content (for testing purposes). And attached a screenshot how it looks like in the error case.

      <type name="connexasTest:TestType">
         <title>Test Property</title>
            <property name="connexasTest:testProperty">
               <index enabled="true">

Thanks for any input on this!