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Alternate URL to nodeRef /content in alfresco share

Question asked by aditya_chaudhari on Dec 18, 2014
Latest reply on Dec 29, 2014 by aditya_chaudhari
Hello Forum ,

My Question is regarding noderef document link customization

Document name : 1.pdf
folder : repository/myfolder

The document link in share

But my user requirement is to show unique tag or property in URL……

eg :by file name

eg by unique tag

or anything which can give unique tag in URL.

I have tried following techniques but it does not satisfy my need :

1. WebDav URL  : This does not open final docment in share view it open in normal browser view.I want to view document in share
2. I also tried below link
answer by jeffPotts but in this also i am not able to open in share view.

Please tell me if any other technique is available.