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create new folder by web script :: POST /alfresco/s/api/site/fol

Question asked by fahad on Dec 18, 2014
Dear ALL

I want to create a new folder into my Site MySiteABC and its first folder is "REALISATIONS". Now I want to create a new folder inside REALISATIONS, but when I ran the following code I got 404 error;
"status" :
"code" : 404,
"name" : "Not Found",
"description" : "Requested resource is not available."

"message" : "",
"exception" : "",

"callstack" :


"server" : "Community v5.0.0 (r86473-b92) schema 8 006",
"time" : "16 déc. 2014 17:23:06"

Can anyone tel me what I am doing wrong?? Do we require to create MultipartRequestEntity(parts, post.getParams())) for post here in this case??

I want to run the following script POST /alfresco/s/api/site/folder/{site}/{container}

public static void makeDirectory( String host, int port, String login, String password, String filepath) throws Exception {

String site ="MySiteABC";

String container= "REALISATIONS";

String url1 = "'+site+'%7D/%7B'+container+'%7D";

System.out.println(" url is ==" + url1 );

HttpClient client = new HttpClient();

new AuthScope(host, 80),

new UsernamePasswordCredentials(login, password));
PostMethod post = new PostMethod(url1);

Part[] parts =

new StringPart( "name", "bernard34"),
new StringPart( "type", "cm:folder")



post.setRequestEntity(new MultipartRequestEntity(parts, post.getParams()));


int status = client.executeMethod(post);


catch(Exception e)



any help would be encouraged.