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query in CMIS 1.1

Question asked by mundi on Dec 19, 2014

I have a query like this:

String queryString = "select o." + S_DOCUMENT_PROPERTY_NUMERO + " from cmis:document where IN_TREE(?)";
QueryStatement qs = session.createQueryStatement(queryString);
qs.setString(1, alfrescoFolder.getId());

in CMIS 1.0 width alfrescoFolder beeing an instance of AlfrescoFolder this worked fine but in CMIS 1.1 alfrescoFolder is an
instance of Folder an this isn't working anymore.

The problem is that AlfrescoFolder returns its id as "workspace://SpacesStore/7829e385-5c30-4acc-956e-eb39808efdca" and Folder
returns only the id "7829e385-5c30-4acc-956e-eb39808efdca".

I wanted to ask if there is an elegant way to change the query or to get the id in the "old" way
(I could add "workspace://SpacesStore/" in all my queries but I don't think that would be elegant).