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maven alfresco project creates defective pom.xml

Question asked by nth on Dec 20, 2014
I'm very new to alfresco and trying to make even some easy helloworld but constantly face any problems. Now when I'trying to create a new maven project in eclipse using alfresco-amp-archetype it generates the project where the pom.xml file has the following error:

Plugin execution not covered by lifecycle configuration: org.codehaus.mojo:build-helper-maven-plugin:1.8:add-test-resource (execution: add-env-test-properties, phase: generate-resources)

in this pace:

Maybe it's the better idea to use maven-alfresco-share-archetype as I want to create a workflow for alfresco? or what to do with this problem?

nevertheless mvn integration-test -Pamp-to-war -Dmaven.tomcat.port=8081 gave no errors and alfresco started but alfresco gives me the answer when i'm trying to login : The remote server may be unavailable or your authentication details have not been recognized