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VERS RM Module

Question asked by parashiftaustralia on Dec 21, 2014
Parashift are pleased to announce that, in August 2014, Parashift’s Alfresco Records Management Module was VERS certified by PROV.  This certification adds to an already long list of certifications for Alfresco such as DOD 5015.2 and ISO 15489.

To achieve VERS certification, Parashift had to meet 5 specifications. Parashift ‘s Managing Director Kieren Fitzpatrick said, “We had a solid foundation to build upon – we just needed to add an Australian flavour to it.“
Parashift has brought to the Australian market an enterprise-grade open source records management solution that now meets the robust Victorian, South Australian and New Zealand government standards.

To meet the requirements, Parashift had to demonstrate capability against the following 5 VERS specifications:

1.   System requirements for preserving electronic records
         Ability to verify the integrity of the records, metadata capture and exporting VEOs.
2.   VERS Metadata scheme
         Meet 159 additional metadata fields, compulsory and optional.
3.   VERS Electronic Record Format
         XML to encode binary objects
         Encryption of record files 
         Digital Signatures  
4.   Long-Term Preservation Format
         Restrict available formats to ensure continuity e.g. text, PDF, JPG, TIFF and MPEG4.
5.   Export of electronic records to PROV
         A Manifest listing the files in the export VEO.

Key messages
Six points on why to consider Parashift’s Alfresco Records Management
1.   Enterprise wide approach to records management with in-place record declaration… everyone is responsible for records now
2.   Subscription based, so you always have the most up-to-date version
3.   Mobile and Cloud Ready now
4.   Completely Scalable, ideal for small, medium and large government departments
5.   Highly configurable without the need for coding
6.   Supports open standards, making integration and data migration much simpler