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alfresco training needed in bangalore

Question asked by prasad on Dec 22, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 15, 2015 by zubairalisahil
Hi I am Prasad working in , bengaluru,india. In our institution we are using FOSS for many of our rudimentary works in labs. Now for one of our major event ( mega event - inter collegiate techno-cultural event ) we were looking at alfresco for managing our tasks related to document management. we tried to install the community edition and we tried exploring the software.

As of now it is taking lot of time to understand in little deep. So it would be great if any body on the forum can come to institution and do a workshop for a day or two and make us understand alfresco better so that we would manage our documents better

currently there are needs to manage user groups , workflow documents etc. we have installed alfresco community edition , we would like to explore further and see how far we can make use of alfresco for managing our documents effectively.

Effectively there will atleast 30000 to 50000 page documents that will be sent to different agencies just as reports. these reports have to be generated from documents that are residing from different documents . some times we end up in having old redundant data replace new. Many other similar tasks are associated

If any body is willing to visit our institution and help us in understanding more about how we can use alfresco for managing entire institution documents and do efficient knowledge management can send your proposal to , there will be maximum 5 faculty members who will be attending the workshop