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Get NodeRef from nodes array.

Question asked by aditya_chaudhari on Dec 26, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 12, 2015 by aditya_chaudhari
Hi Everyone ,
i want to get node ref link from tag  so i did as follows

var store = "workspace://SpacesStore";
var tag = "sampletag";

var nodes = search.tagSearch(store, tag);

the above nodes gives me array of tag :

nodes[0] gives me 
{}content Node Ref: workspace://SpacesStore/3177d3fa-be03-4683-9c5f-74133d4b07d5

But i want only Node Ref from it (i.e. workspace://SpacesStore/3177d3fa-be03-4683-9c5f-74133d4b07d5 )

I tries using  indexOf of javascript it did not work .

Can anyone please help me on how i can get only noderef from array of nodes.???

Thanks and Regards
Aditya C