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Question asked by irenailievska on Dec 26, 2014
How do I use the pagelink action? I have been trying to access a page in share by clicking on a custom action, but I can not access it. Probably I haven't defined the page param correctly but I have no idea how to do this. The url I need to access is page/hdp/ws/page-i-need and the url I get in the address bar when I click on the action is page/site/some-folder/page-i-need?nodeRef=workspace://SpacesStore/random-numbers.

This code probably is missing something but I have no idea how to correct it

< param name="page" >page-i-need?nodeRef={node.nodeRef} < /param >

Thanks in advance

Solved it! I just needed to change

< param name="page" >../../hdp/ws/page-i-need< /param >
in order to go up 2 levels :D