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Creating document without version via CMIS

Question asked by mr.t on Dec 29, 2014
Latest reply on Dec 30, 2014 by mr.t

This may be a duplicated question but since I have not found the answer, if anyone have the answer or can point me to the topic with the  answer that I'm looking for, Im greatly appreciated.

I have tried to send CMIS requests to create a document using AtomPub as well as WebServices. The results were different were inconsistent as in the table below:

|         Web services                     |                                AtomPub                                   |
| w/o versionable     | w/ versionable      | w/o versionable                          | w/ versionable                           |
| Version 1.0 created | Version 0.1 created | Error: This document type is versionable | Error: This document type is versionable |

I'm puzzled that via AtomPub connection without versionable set on the Alfresco, it fails. But using WebServices it works but sets version 1.0.

What would be the correct behaviour?
I was expecting both connections have same behavior but obviously not. And if versionable is not set, the document should get created without version, but it's not.
I'm currently using Alfresco Enterprise v4.1.5. Should a newer version work as expected manner?

I'd greatly appreciated if anyone can shed a light on this.
Thank you in advance.