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Configuring separate permissions for adding aspects and editing properties

Question asked by sunnysharma on Dec 30, 2014
Latest reply on Dec 11, 2016 by mahmoud
Is there a way to apply/configure separate permissions for adding aspect and editing properties on a document?
Right now we have a permission '_WriteProperties' which as per the documentation is "The permission to write to the properties of a node. This permission includes adding aspects to a node as they are stored as a property". But sometimes we don't want users of a particular role to add/delete aspects on a document but they still can edit the available properties on a document. A person with more authority should only be able to add/delete aspects.
e.g. if 'Finance document' is an aspect and it has some properties associated with it, we want a person with say Manager role to only add this aspect on documents. A person with less authority say Editor role should only be able to edit the available properties but he should not be able to add/delete aspects of the document.
Is there a way to achieve this behavior by configuring permissions in Alfresco?