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kerberos enabled , REST login url not working

Question asked by ayubalfresco on Dec 30, 2014

We have keberos authentication enabled on Alfresco, when I try to login using the REST api I get 403 (forbidden) error. Please let me know how to resolve this issue.


Single signon with kerberos is working fine. I have built a portlet (html + javascript + REST) for alfresco. What I am trying to do is when user logsin to websphere portal, then the REST calls from the portlet to automatically authenticate the user. The above process works if I use  http://<SERVER_URL>:8080/alfresco/wcs/api/ URL as it uses the cookie to authenticate and the user is logged in to the pc as a domain user.

However if the user is logged in to the pc as a non domain user and logs in to the portal http://<SERVER_URL>:8080/alfresco/wcs/api/ URL will not work. Could you please let me know how to the credentials from websphere portal to alfresco even when user is not logged in as a domin user.

Thank you.