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Patched jars again

Question asked by valery.antonov on Dec 30, 2014
Latest reply on Dec 31, 2014 by valery.antonov

In 5.0.c, I've count 13 of them, for me its not good.. Some contains new functionality other parts of alfresco depends on - for example, patched poi-xml contains AlfrescoPoiPatchUtils, and this class is used in PoiMetadataExtracter. I think this is is exactly what is called "bad architecture"

AFAIR great work was done to remove outdated functionality, but still myfaces*, spring-social* etc are in the libs, is this still used? antlr-2.7.7.jar and antlr-3.5.2.jar both in the libs…

BTW, I cant mark this thread as 5.0.c-related