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Automated File Naming

Question asked by yikki on Dec 31, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 9, 2015 by angelborroy
So I am considering using Alfresco for my companies file management. We are a small 50-100 engineering firm and SharePoint is just too large of an investment and just rather frustrating to research. (and I have never used C#)

Alfresco seems to provided everything we need, but I was wondering about automated folder layout and automated file naming. Would I be able to set something up that upon adding content to a folder the user would be prompted with a box asking what type of file this is, what discipline(electrical, mechanical etc.),what is in this document. Basically giving the user an interface to help with the naming of the file, but saving it in the format that I have predefined.

Is there something prebuilt that would do this, or could I build it with the Java API.