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Permissions - Folder Navigation

Question asked by dannyr on Jan 2, 2015
I am sure this has been discussed before, but I have been unable to find the relevant thread. I have a requirement to hide certain folders from certain users, I seem to be able to do this but in doing so encounter issues in navigating to the folder. Let me expand.

Assume this is my Site folder structure:


UseCase 1
A group of users who can only access the child folders within a parent folder. e.g.

Parent Folder C

I have removed the inherit permission on all the Parent folders and assigned a group to each parent folder e.g.
Parent_Folder_A has a Locally Set Permissions that grants a group Group_Folder_A the collaborator role.

Each user who is in the group Group_Folder_A can then access the following folders Child_Folder_A1, Child_Folder_A2, Child_Folder_A3, Child_Folder_A4 as the group permission is inherited from Parent Folder

UseCase 2 
A distinct user who can only have access to a specific Child Folder. e.g. John Smith can only access Child_Folder_B2.

This is where I encounter issues, if I add a Local permission on Child_Folder_B2 for John Smith this is fine, I have access to the folder, however I am unable to navigate to the folder as I do not have permission on the parent, hence the folder is effectively hidden.

If I also add John Smith local permission on Parent_Folder_B, John can then see all the containing Child Folders B1, B2. These need to be hidden.

Is it actually technically possible to achieve Use Case 2?