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Alfresco auto-populates content in alf_data/contentstore

Question asked by jlabuelo on Jan 5, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 5, 2015 by mrogers
Hi there

Something really strange started to happen to our Alfresco CE configuration since 01/01/2015. We realized that the system was down and when we were checking why, surprise!! the HDD was full!. We left the HDD in 31/12/2014 with 20GB/150GB and the 1st of January we got it to 150GB/150GB.

We realize that if we go to the alf_data/contentstore folders we have lots of *.bin files per minute in every alf_data/content_store/2015/1/day/hour/minute….. We have increased the HDD dinamically to 160 and restarted Alfresco, which worked fine, to check what those *.bin files were… however we are not able to find them neither using the UI, nor FTP.

If we remove the content using linux command line in alf_data/content_store/2015/1/day/hour/minute, and restart alfresco, HDD gets full back again in just few hours… even nobady is working with Alfresco.

Any ideas about how we can drive this situation?

Thanks a lot!!
We use Alfresco CE 3.0b under Ubuntu Server 12 and MysQL 5.