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Retrieving Datalist task assignees

Question asked by cszamudio on Jan 5, 2015

I've been trying to retrieve the datalist tasks assignees using the "Get Folder and Document Hierarchy (getDescendants)" Web Script and pointing to the Datalist folder and retrieving the descendant tasks. I use the option &includeRelationships=both.  This works fine, except the dl:taskAssignee relation never appears in the relationship list for a task with a known assignee.  The document attachment relation shows up fine for tasks if there is an attached document.

I tried doing the same operation using CMIS (from Java) and the same phenomenon happens. The dl:taskAssignee relation never appears.

The only way I've been able to retrieve the dl:taskAssignee relationship is to use the Web Service API, which I know is deprecated and removed in 5.0.

Is there something special about the dl:taskAssignee relationship?  Any suggestions on a work-around?

I'm on 4.2f.

Thank you so much for any suggestions.

Carlos S. Zamudio