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Updating document by specifying different content model

Question asked by mr.t on Jan 5, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 6, 2015 by mr.t

I'd like to know the correct behavior when trying to up date a document using different content model via CMIS.
I have a document created based on a content model and I'm updating/replacing the document using the same name but using a different content model.
If I set the update option on existing document to use major or minor version, it triggers an error indicating the content type is not valid or not one one of the secondary types.
If I set the option to overwrite the existing document, the updating document process succeeds. However, the content of the document is not changed at all, keeping the same content model and the properties and values. Only the modified date/time indicates that it's been modified.
In case of using major/minor version for updating, I can understand that the process fails with the message since the content model is different. But I'm puzzled with the behavior when overwriting option is selected since I'm more expecting an error or the document gets replaced with the specified new content model, and not like nothing gets updated except the modified date/time or with no error.
Is this the normal behavior?
I'm using Alfresco Enterprise v4.1.5.
If anyone can clarify on this, I truly appreciate it.