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CSRF Error when calling 4.2.f

Question asked by bdmc on Jan 9, 2015
I have been hunting for a way to Create Sites programmatically, and getting a lot of help in the IRC channel, #alfresco.

However, I have also been running into a wall for each of the suggested solutions.

It seems that I am running into the CSRF security filter, and don't know how to pass the correct information to it, to allow me to do the task that I am trying to accomplish.

One solution that I found was a note in Will Abson's Import-Export Python scripts, or at least the ReadMe there, which talks about share-config-custom.xml, but I don't find that file in my installation at all.  I did finally find share-config.xml, in webapps/share/WEB-INF/classes/alfresco, and created a file called share-config-custom.xml, with the content shown in the ReadMe, but nothing seems to have changed, after restarting Tomcat.

I am getting this error whether I am using curl from the command line or within PHP, or the Python scripts from Will.

I get that error whether I am "calling" from the local machine or the remote one that I need to use.

Any suggestions?