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cannot see some categories after upgrade/move

Question asked by haevele on Jan 12, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 13, 2015 by haevele
Hi to all,

I have a strange problem with a 4.0 installation. I moved my installation from one server to another and then did a full reindex of lucene. (no solr configured, because of wcmqs which is used). Now i have a main category inside the tree, which is not shown anymore. When i look into the Node-Browser I can see it, and all of its children, but I cannot see them in the Category Manager nor can I access the via CMIS query.
Its the most recently added main category which cannot be seen.
Is there any CMIS cache, which can be disabled/forced to be updated ?
I get not errors in the log. Which loggings can be set to debug to get more infos about the generation of the category tree ?

Thank you very much, haevele