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access alfresco through my php site

Question asked by cristianfrog on Jan 13, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 28, 2015 by cristianfrog
Hi all,

I need to communicate with alfresco through a PHP client, in my case is a web site. My goal is to access the repository, get an HTML file and load it in my website, so basically I will use Alfresco as admin panel backend where I create my html pages.

I know there is some material about this, I read it and test but didn't make it working.
jpotts here writes some solutions, I tried the ifresco php library and the php-alf-cmis-api from here:

But they doesn't work with Alfresco 5, giving me php errors about connection. So I read that the best solution may be using CMIS PHP Client but didn't found an example about it… is the cmis client this one:

How can I connect with this and download/get a file and his properties?
<strong>Can someone provide me a working example in php about this? </strong>