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Basic setup (scalable + Serious)

Question asked by t16 on Jan 13, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 28, 2015 by t16
Is this scenario remotely possible?

Two Alfresco web front ends, 2 Solr boxes and 2 Transform servers with load balancing between them?

Does the alfresco web front end install separately to the main Alfresco instance, or is the web front end and the instance one and the same, and you need to setup a proper alfresco cluster?

Or can we get away with ONE alfresco front end, 2 SOLR boxes, and 2 Transform servers to balance things out and allow scaling of users over time?

Im a total noob at this right now, but we wish to use Alfresco Enterprise, and build a serious setup that will deliver the fastest possible performance, even as more and more users and content are added to the system.

So we want to start big, and see how it goes.

Any advantage on installing the stuff on Windows boxes?

Our idea was to leverage MS SQL server at the very least, and Im assuming an ALfresco Linux instance can read from an MS SQL DB OK?

Sorry for all the questions. In short we want a monster setup, but also to keep as simple as possible. We would rather NOT have to "sync" two Alfresco instances in a cluster, but balancing between two web front ends if possible would simplify this if there was one Alfresco box behind the two web fronts.