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Alfresco can not start postgresql as root user

Question asked by joost on Jan 19, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 28, 2015 by bdmc

Dearest alfresco-lovers,

Please can anyone help me ?

I can not start my alfresco install anymore. it gives:
"pg_ctl.bin: cannot be run as root
Please log in (using, e.g., "su") as the (unprivileged) user that will
own the server process.
/opt/alfresco/postgresql/scripts/ : postgresql  could not be started"

I did a clean install on a(n other) test-ubuntu desktop as root, and it gives the same mistake during installation. This one was starting during boot-up, but i can not restart postgresql.

Then i did again a clean install on this test system, but now as user "postgres". Now alfresco was working fine but user postgres has to login, and has to manually start alfresco. I made my own alfresco-boot like I found here: "",  and put it in init.d, but no boot…

I have seeked for more the 6 hours how to manipulate postgresql so that it can start as root, but whith no result…

I hope anyone can help me, otherwise alfresco will lose a lover…

Joost van der Wulp from Belgium