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business rules

Question asked by aadamnz on Jan 21, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 21, 2015 by kavilash23

i am just learning alfresco.have installed community 5.0.a on ubuntu.
I will like to implement alfresco business rules in a way which can automate the process .
i found this book  alfresco 4 enterprise content managemnt by Munawar
chapter 8 workflows explains it very well.

the user  drops some files and photos in a folder.
a workflow is created and email is sent to the user with the link.
for approval or he asks for more documents .

in the book it shows the rules apply to space and the indivisual files have to be approved or rejected.

i want to know if it is possible in alfresco to apply rules to the folder itself not to indivisual files
for approval or rejection.I dont want user to click approval or rejection on each file in the fiolder.