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Problem with versioning in Alfresco Community 4.2

Question asked by ssaric on Jan 22, 2015

I have one problem with versioning in Alfresco in one scenario where CmisSync is included.

The setup following setup:
- Alfresco 4.2.f community edition
- CmisSync for synchronization of local files with alfresco

On my Alfresco I defined rule that assigns Versionable aspect to all new documents that are created in any site in Alfresco.

Let me try to explain the problem using couple of scenarios:

Scenario 1 – document created in Alfresco Share
When I create new document in Alfresco Share it gets Versionable aspect. After inline edit in Alfresco Share version increases as it should.
When I edit such document locally (downloaded using CmisSync) it gets uploaded on Alfresco (CmisSync is doing that) and version of the document in Alfresco is increased.

So, everything works in this scenario.

Scenario 2 – document created locally and uploaded to Alfresco using CmisSync
When I create new document locally it's uploaded to Alfresco via CmisSync. It gets version 1.0 and aspect Versionable is assigned to that document.
But, when I edit and save such document (either via inline edit in Alfresco Share or locally) version of the document is not increased. I can see new content in Alfresco Share but version is still set to 1.0.
The funniest thing here is that Versionable aspect is assigned to the file.

To solve tthe problem I have to do following for that particular file (in Alfresco Share):
1. remove Versionable apsect
2. save changes
3. apply Versionable aspect again
4. save changes

After that, versioning works. I can change the file (either locally or via inline edit in Alfresco Share) and after the change version is increased.

Scenario 3 – document created locally and uploaded to Alfresco via FTP
When I create new document locally and upload it to Alfresco via FTP (I enabled FTP subsystem in Alfresco) file gets Versionable aspect and everything works as ist should.
After changing such  document and upload it again (either via FTP or via CmisSync) version is increased.

In contextModel.xml (in Alfresco) all needed properties for Versionalble aspect are set to true (cm:initialVersion, cm:autoVersion, cm:autoVersionOnUpdateProps).

Did anyone encounter similar problem? Can anyone give me some pointer where to look further?