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Performance after being idle...

Question asked by t16 on Jan 22, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 23, 2015 by mrogers
On a new installation, I notice that when the server has been idle and not processing any requests, the next request to the server seems to take around 5-7 seconds, instead of being instant.

This is just an empty test system so no data or anything big.

Its the same for the two web front ends running share.war on their own.

After being left for a couple of hours, when you go back into them, it takes a while to load up again.

Is something going on in the background? Does Tomcat page stuff out to the disks on the servers over time?

We are running (as a test) tomcat on windows server (I know, I know) and the performance is generally instant, apart from when the servers have been idle!

Its not a user session problem, as going in as another user on a box that's just process another request is instant too, so it cant be a stale client session.

Any ideas?!!