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SSL termination with Share front end

Question asked by t16 on Jan 24, 2015
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Again sorry for all the threads, this should be the last for a while.

I have a problem with SSL termination on an HAproxy load balancer..

I used the DevOps blog for Alfresco with HAproxy as a guide, and it partially works but with an odd behaviour.

Having a port 80 AND a port 443 front end, enables me to do any troubleshooting, and what I notice is that going straight to https://myserver/share/page/userxx/dashboard/ works like a charm.

However is issue occurs when just using the /share URL.

When hitting up the home page using https it will reload/redirect to the http front end. We are using NTLM passthru, could it be something to do with that?

So when going to https://server/share, after authenticating, the browser reloads up the dashboard with http (not https) back at the dashboard page.

How can SSL termination be achieved with NTLM? Is there some code in the index page on the share app thats preventing NTLM with SSL termination with HAproxy?

Like I said, going straight to https://server/share/page/userxx/dashboard is wonderful, all SSL and everything is happy. The issue occurs only when going directly to the /share URL.

Im sure its something simple, but my brain is fried!!