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Deleted tasks in workflow-details page

Question asked by cgiuliano on Jan 30, 2015
Hello everyone,

I have an Activiti workflow that creates a multi instance task, assigned to 3 different users. After one of them has completed his own task instance, thus completing the whole task, the flow goes to a different task. I've seen that the other 2 task instances (not actually executed by anyone) are deleted by the workflow engine (in the table act_hi_taskinst they appear with a "deleted" status in the DELETE_REASON_ column).
But the workflow-details page shows them with some wrong properties: directly running the workflow-instance web script, I've seen that the properties array for those tasks is filled in with the same properties values as the currently active task, probably because such properties (belonging to the execution object) are not actually stored for the deleted task instances. The status for these tasks is returned as "COMPLETED".

Does everyone know how to prevent the workflow-details page from showing table rows for the deleted task instances?

Thank you.
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