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Custom 'Properties' in share UI  Help Needed

Question asked by jconsorti on Feb 2, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 2, 2015 by resplin
I was just introduced to Alfresco a few days ago and was asked to update the "properties" (keywords) to add 6 custom fields (keywords) to the screen attached.  We are using the Alfresco community as of now and I've created a custommodel.xml in the alfresco/extension folder and pointed the custom-model-context to that file, removed the .sample and restarted the service.  The site starts correctly and I'm assuming the custom model is getting registered but I still am not seeing anything.  I've also attached the .xml's and am looking for any help/sites that may help accomplishing this as I've looked all over and may still be having issues with naming conventions I'm not sure, but we are looking to have the UI pick up these changes and was wondering what steps are being missed. Thanks in advance.