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Method to Keep Attachments in Body of Inbound HTML Emails

Question asked by dturner on Feb 2, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 2, 2015 by dturner
Hi Guys -

When sending an HTML email from MS Outlook to an Alfresco aliased folder the inline\body image attachments are always pulled out.
Is there a way to keep them within the HTML doc created in the folder? Or possibly convert the inbound email into another format with the inline images imbedded?

We’re trying to move our previous KB with email integration over to Alfresco and this a major process stumbling block
Our previous KB was a Joomla site with an inbound email-to-article module that keeps the images within the document.

I’ve searched and keep finding older documentation regarding custom email handlers… but cannot find a parallel to the Alfresco Community 5.0 AMP structure.
I’ve also tried creating rules on document creation within the aliased folder that would convert an email to another format.. but the attachments are being extracted before the rule gets applied.

You can disable attachment extraction in the imap config from global properties.. but not for the inbound email server config?
i.e. an analogue to imap.server.attachments.extraction.enabled=false

I see a dev note in about the issue.. but no work on it..

Any advice?

Thanks in advance