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Authencication Webservice not workin in SSL

Question asked by jlabuelo on Feb 3, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 5, 2015 by jlabuelo
Hi all

   Let me explain you a situation we are getting in a configuration we have in our Alfresco 3.0 CE. We have it running over Ubuntu Linux
   Server and it works perfectly.
   Alfresco is integrated with a web application we have also developed in JSP, through LDAP, so users registered in the web application
   can work with the functionalities it offers, however for ECM we allow each user to open its space in Alfresco. Both systems are running
   over Ubuntu Server 12, however they are in different machines.
   As I said, the users connection/synchronization is done through LDAP, however to open the connection our web application (from machine IP1) calls
   a webservice in Alfresco (at machine IP2) to start a session and get the ticket id. Then once this info is got, it opens a new browser
   and redirects the url to alfresco including the ticket id, so the user can go directly to his space.
   This works fine for us, under normal http ports 80/8080, however yesterday we installed a SSL certificate in both machines and now
   our web application in IP1 and Alfresco in IP2 run ok in 443/8443 and 80/8080 are redirected to 443/8443 in both machines.
   We are able to access alfresco using this url
   http://IP2:8080/alfresco and https://IP2:8443/alfresco.
   Then we are able to log in using the normal alfresco login screen, however the authentication webservice is not working any more. I mean, when an user logged in the web application (in IP1) tries to go directly to his space in Alfresco using the authentication webservice as I have it designed… the new screen open gets waiting forever until we get an error message (Not able to open connection).
   If we check the tomcat logs from our web application in IP1, we seen a Connection Time out error…. meaning (we think) that our
   web application is not able to log in using the authentication webservice now running alfresco in SSL in ports 443/8443 and having ports
   80/8080 redirected to 443/8443.
   Could this be the reason of the Conection time out error?. Is there any configuration we must do to the alfresco to allow this
   authentication process in SSL?
   Thanks a lot in advance