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Comparison between file names during CheckIn

Question asked by morganp1 on Feb 3, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 11, 2015 by mlagneaux
Hi everybody,

This post concern the Alfresco Community Edition version 4.2.c but I think this can be extend to all Alfresco versions.

I'm currently trying to develop a small feature to prevent Alfresco users to overwrite the content of a wrong file during a CheckOut/CheckIn. I already blocked the default edition actions of Alfresco to require all users to go through a CheckOut/CheckIn to edit a document.

However, during a CheckIn (by default), Alfresco does not compare the name of the file in the Repository with the name of the file in your local computer (the one you are trying to CheckIn). That behavior can cause some issues… Indeed, a user can easily overwrite the content of the file A with the content of the file B during the CheckIn of A.

So what I'm trying to do is to compare the name of the file in the Repository (let's say "File_A.txt") with the name of the file that is CheckedIn (e.g "File_A_v2.txt"). By default, a Working Copy is also created in the Repository with the name of "File_A (Working Copy).txt". At the end, I would like to prevent a user to CheckIn a file (from his computer) if the name of the file A (in the repository) isn't contained in the name of this file => the CheckIn of "File_A_v2.txt" would be authorized but not the one of "File_B_v3.txt".

To do that, I tried to add a custom behavior (Java Class) which implements "CheckOutCheckInServicePolicies.BeforeCheckIn". In this Java Class, I'm able to retrieve all information about the nodes in the Repository (the nodeRef & the workingCopyNodeRef) but I'm unable (or I didn't find out how) to retrieve the name of the file that is CheckedIn.

Does someone know how this can be done? Maybe I'm not looking in the right direction but I thought if I could get the name of the imported file, it would be somewhere around there.

Just for information, my Java code looks like that:

public class CompareNamesBehavior implements CheckOutCheckInServicePolicies.BeforeCheckIn {
   public void init() {
      policyComponent.bindClassBehaviour(CheckOutCheckInServicePolicies.BeforeCheckIn.QNAME, ContentModel.ASPECT_WORKING_COPY, new JavaBehaviour(this, "beforeCheckIn"));
   public void beforeCheckIn(NodeRef workingCopyNodeRef, Map<String, Serializable> versionProperties, String contentUrl, boolean keepCheckedOut) {
      NodeRef nodeRef = getCheckedOut(workingCopyNodeRef);"NodeRef Name = " + (String) nodeService.getProperty(nodeRef, ContentModel.PROP_NAME));"WorkingCopyNodeRef Name = " + (String) nodeService.getProperty(workingCopyNodeRef, ContentModel.PROP_NAME));"WorkingCopyNodeRef Label = " + (String) nodeService.getProperty(workingCopyNodeRef, ContentModel.PROP_WORKING_COPY_LABEL));

Best regards,