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Content in contenstore not visible in Alfresco UI

Question asked by jlabuelo on Feb 5, 2015
Good Morning all

Let me explain you the situation we are facing in our Alfresco CE 3.0. We have it running over an Ubuntu 12 Server and we use it as a repository for documents we got in our office by ordinary mail. The documents arrive to our office and we just scann them as TIFF documents and perform an OCR transformation to move them to PDF with text.

To perform this OCR transformation we use ABBYY CLI for linux and it worked fine until we moved the version of the OCR from 8.0 to 9.0.

Since then our alf_data/contentstore has increased a lot. We have performed several tests and today for example we realized that we have scanned two TIFF documents at 9:08AM which have been transformed to PDF normally with the OCR (and the TIFF have been deleted), however if we go to the content store to the folder alf_data/contentstore/2015/2/5/9/8 we get that we have 14 .bin files each of them of different size. Also we have checked that we have other folders like for example alf_data/contentstore/2015/2/5/8/8 with 91 .bin files…. however no transfromation or document has been added at that time as today we only added these two TIFF's.

Is there any way to help us identify what is producing this .bin files? the alf_data store has passed in 20 days from 6 GB to 43GB and the 6GB were related to 1 year of documentation. Also which process can we design to remove the .bin files that are not correct or related to data stored in Alfresco? (I mean because we are not sure which document shown in Alfresco UI is related to each *.bin file?

Thanks a lot for your help in advance!!