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Configure Alfresco Share SSO using Kerberos with Active Directory

Question asked by shankarg on Feb 5, 2015

First I configured the Alfresco with Active Directory LDAP.

Alfresco Environment:
Alfresco server :Ubuntu 14.0.4
Active Directory :MSAD 2007

Now I want to configure the Share SSO using Kerberos with Active Directory.Aldo gone the alfresco documenations, but I have couple of questions on how configure it properly.

1. Do we need install the kerberos server/client on where the Alfresco applications is running?

2. As per the doucmentation, Is it mandatory to create the user accounts with AlfrescoHTTP/ShareHTTP ?
3. If point 2 is mandatory then how about the others, can we login with those users without asking the username and password.
4. Is it Mandatory to create the keytabs?

I have tried couple of options, but I am not able to make it working.

Could anyone plese provide detailed steps.

Appreciate your help.