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Lucene query for custom datalist with association in it

Question asked by leonardo.celati on Feb 9, 2015
As in the subject, I have a custom datalist with a property requiring an association to a cm:content.

Using the Node Browser I can easily see the property, and its node reference.

Kind of:

my:attachment workspace://SpacesStore/724993f5-ca12-466e-af3b-af7ecb847e6c

If I browse for just TYPE:"my:customDataList" I am retrieving all the relevant data list item, but if I restrict the query with that property, I get no result:

TYPE:"my:customDatalist" AND +@my\:attachment:"workspace://SpacesStore/724993f5-ca12-466e-af3b-af7ecb847e6c"

Am I missing something or doing some error in my query ?