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Alfresco + SOLR Clustering

Question asked by t16 on Feb 9, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 13, 2015 by bhavikp
Hi I have a quick question about how to go about this. I see no documentation on the web for clustering up SOLR, or how to set up a SOLR cluster to track a 2 node Alfresco cluster!

What I want to replicate is this:-

Now, I have a nice load balanced cluster going, but I now need to install a pair of standalone SOLR boxes in a cluster of their own to track the main Alfresco cluster.

Can anyone give me any tips?

Do I just point both alfresco instances at the load balancner in front of the SOLR cluster?

How do I make sure both SOLR nodes are replicating the indexes between themselves for consistent searches across both boxes?

If anyone can help please offer some basic advice, I would be very grateful.


Is it recommended to have Alfresco running on each SOLR node as an separate cluster from the main repository cluster, using Hazlecast to replicate between the AlfrescoSOLR nodes?