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Questions about Alfresco Community

Question asked by dgwow123 on Feb 11, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 19, 2015 by dgwow123
Hi everyone,

I am looking into using Alfresco Community for the company I am working for, but I have some questions beforehand so I know what it is capable of.

1: I would like to be able to set time-based workflows that expire after a certain time, not just at the end of a day.
2: I would like to be able to set reminders within a workflow.
3: I would like to be able to add metadata properties to the properties tab, version history tabs (our company uses its own version numbering system)
4: I would like to be able to search multiple properties; the advanced search tab only lists more fields, not the ability to search the same field with multiple values (AFAIK)
5: I would like to be able to import a folder structure. Do I have to do this manually?
6: Can I populate templates within Alfresco by entering certain metadata values?
7: Can I subscribe to file/folder alerts to know when modifications have been made to the files/folders?

Thanks in advance!