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Understanding SOLR

Question asked by rjohnson on Feb 11, 2015
Latest reply on May 7, 2015 by ememic
We have 2 production instances of Alfresco using SOLR which are (or at least seem to be) working fine.

Content gets indexed when it is created and searches find content quickly.

However, if you look at the SOLR REPORT page there is a large value in

<long name="Count of transactions in the index but not the DB">57711</long>

Alfresco help says this should be zero and anything else "may" indicate a problem with the indexes. So far as I can tell however the indexing is fine and there is a post from Andy (Alfresco employee) in 2012 that says these are likely empty transactions or it could be a skipped transaction because of a known bug, but either way its not likely to be a "real" problem. His post suggests FIX will resolve any skipped transactions but it is unclear as to whether it will also match the index and DB transactions.

I guess my question is, does a non zero value in this field really matter? Are their any implications and how would you get rid of the issue if you were so minded?