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Maintain order of properties as defined in the model

Question asked by deepacp on Feb 12, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 16, 2015 by deepacp

When I retrieve the properties defined for a particular content type as well as for a given node, its order is getting changed. I would like to retain the order as defined in the model file. Some of these properties are part of mandatory aspects.

Code snippet given below

   Map<QName, PropertyDefinition> aspectPropDefs = dictionaryService.getAspect(aspect).getProperties();

Given a noderef, I retrieve the properties as given below

        Map<QName, Serializable> propertyMap = nodeService.getProperties(noderef);

In both cases, the order is changed. Since I am using a custom webservice to return the properties to a third party application, I need to retain the order as defined. Any help in this regard would be great.