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Noisy cm:content objects

Question asked by sammasue on Feb 13, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 16, 2015 by sammasue
Hello everybody,

I recently created a Behaviour on cm:content / onCreateNode and I was really surprised to see how many objects of cm:content type or subtype are created. For example:
- page.title.user~admin~dashboard.xml
- page.full-width-dashlet.user~admin~dashboard.xml
- page.component-1-1.user~admin~dashboard.xml
- pdf {}thumbnail

And this is just a sample. I find all these objects really noisy. Indeed if I would like to do some treatment in a behaviour on cm:content I don't know what I going to modify. Thumbnail? document? some dashboard xml? And then what's happen if I modify these objects.

And I actually had one issue because I was modifying thumbnail (subtype of cm:content) I broke document previous.

I would expect in that case to work only on my documents I uploaded. Any idea how to filter? It is quite easy to filter subtypes but unfortunately some nodes are cm:content.

Thanks in advance for any help,