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Static Text Fields in Alfresco Datalist Form

Question asked by jasonschroeder on Feb 13, 2015
I am wondering if anyone has played around with having Datalist New Item, and Edit Item forms display static text to tied to the actual dl items.

Here is my example.  I have a custom datalist dl.docrev with fields "dl.docrevDocumentName, dl.docrevDocumentLocation, dl:docrevPurpose defined in datalistModel.xml

I have defining header fields with short names. Name Location

my share-datalist-form-config.xml

includes <show id="dl:docrevDocumentname" />
         <show id="dl:docrevDocumentlocation" />
         <show id="dl:docrevPurpose" />

What I would like to do is add supporting text to the New Item and Edit Items Form

User sees Document Name Field
Below the field is a brief description of What we want them to include.  This would never change

Document Purpose:  Text Box
Extra Text:  If applicable, Please clearly reflect your proposed changes on the existing or new procedure, document, form or guide, and include in request.