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Adding document properties to Task Description

Question asked by jlabuelo on Feb 14, 2015
Hi there

We are testing the Workflow configuration in the Alfresco Share 5.0c using Activiti and it looks quite nice and esasy tool to manage (both of them). However I would like to know if there is any possibility to add the information stored in the metadata of the document (used to launch a workflow) in the a task of the workflow.

I mean, imagine that we have an invoice that needs to be uploaded to Alfresco Share and once uploaded we add to metadata information (to a custom type assigned to the document once uploaded to a space), Invoice Number and Provider. Then we launch a workflow which basically has to tasks assigned to two users one after another, which basically they need to  approve.

When the workflow is started for this invoice (with the right Invoice Number and Provider metadata), the user A gets a new task assigned in "My Tasks panel" in the Start screen, howvere he only sees the name of the task and its status something like

Task Approve1

Is there any way to include the document metadata info in this task description the user sees when he just logs in and sees this task summary in his start screen? Something like

Task Approve1
12453 - Provider AS C.O

We have thought about using Scripting….however dont know where to place it (and also if it is possible).

Thanks a lot in advance mates!!