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Editing structured manuals and export to pdf

Question asked by cibex on Feb 16, 2015

we are planning to integrate a tool/editor for working on manuals (books) online and print them to pdf.
The out-of-the-box wiki is not suitable because of different reasons:
No support for chapters, auto numbering of headers, table of content, index, glossary,…

In Plone CMS we were using this:
Its  main features:

* Provides a content type "Book" which defines the root of a book.
* Provides a content type "Chapter" for creating the structure of a book. Chapters are nestable.
* Content is added to chapters using simplelayout blocks (text and images).
* Provides an action for exporting the book or a single chapter recursively as PDF (CSS formatted, very important feature!)
* Provides a "Reader" view which displays the book on one page for a enjoyable reading experience.
* Provides simplalayout "Table" block for enter tabular data using a datagrid widget which generates HTML table representation which also convertable into a PDF.

Other supported features, we don´t need
* Provides LaTeX representations for the default simplelayout blocks.
* Adds fields for injecting LaTeX code to every content type within a book using schemaextender.

I´m thinking about a simple and stable solution to achieve the same things for Alfresco. Options I see:
* Extend the wiki features
* Integrate a solution like docbook with its own editor (different editors are not very comfortable for end users)
* Extend this manual manager provided by Peter Löfgren Loftux AB:
* developing from scratch, if above solutions won´t work.

Are there any other possible solutions I don´t see?
We have to implement this feature in any case so everyones suggestions are welcome.

cheers & thx!


Now we have implemented the solution based on asciidoctor - works great!