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Migration fom Lucene to Solr in a high load production system

Question asked by prim on Feb 16, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 18, 2015 by prim
We are trying to migrate our Alfresco Enterprise 4.1.6 system from Lucene to Solr indexing.

I've created a clone of the production system that uses the same hardware and made a full-index (Lucene) to ensure that there are no hidden problems, it has taken 84 hours with no problems and everything seems working OK.

I followed the documentation Installing and Configuring Solr performing all steps smoothly, in a separte Solr server, and the system has started solr indexing.

I have serious doubts that we can migrate the real production system:

- The summary solr query indicates that it will take more than 20 days

- While solr indexing, alfresco repository server is running but the time documenbts loads take too long, sometimes resulting time-out.

- This will prevent productive run this migration, we are adding more than 9,000 objects daily and these response times will be impossible.

- I need to unstress the repository server enough to permit the daily documents load, even if the solr index takes 30 or 40 days.

What can we do to migrate?

Can we run this process impacting less on performance and make it compatible with the daily workload?

Is there any alternative provided for more or less large environments like ours?

I need your help or suggestions of experts to address this migration.

Alfresco Enterprise 4.1.6

MySql server: 2Cpu, 4GB ram, 225Gb disk.
Tomcat server: 4Cpu, 11Gb ram, 940Gb disk.
Solr server: 4Cpu, 11Gb ram, 130Gb disk

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