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Don't hand over global rights to folders

Question asked by mb1811 on Feb 17, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 27, 2015 by borisstankov

Seems to me, the german forum is a bit quiet, so i'll try to find an answer here ;-)

I set up an folder struckture that fit's to our company, set up rights and made a template by copying that to the repository folder.

We do sync our users and groups from Active Directory.
Setting up rights in that template folder, I unchecked the box where it says to hand over the rights from a higher folder.
I just want to use local rights!

Whe I set up a new site and try to create a folder from template the box is checked again and I got all the global rights. Same happens when I try to copy such folder.

The folder strukture is like this:

|- Financials
|- Quality
|- Production
|- Sales

We do have groups named the same in Active Directory. So each group gets access to it's folder.
When a User from Sales creates a new folder by template for a new project Alfresco just greates the "Sales" folder. Because he just got rights to that folder.

The idea is if any user creates a new project folder from template that every folder is created with just local rights (see above) and all subfolders.

Is there a way to set up something like that?